Your imagination is the limit! Endless possibilities. Pose your characters, make them walk around and interact with vehicles, locations and props. Their mouths automatically move in sync to your voice! Play it all back and share your movies!

Puppet Pals has been used in countless educational and creative settings. Perfect for book reports, language and story development, storyboarding, creative brainstorming, second language practice and countless other uses. Plus, it’s just amazing fun!


Parents & Teachers

Puppet Pals 2 is designed to be an adaptive learning tool. You can use this app to successfully facilitate learning in virtually any field of education.

We have been overwhelmed and thrilled by the response and use of Puppet Pals in educational systems around the world. In this section we will try and highlight a few of the stand out lesson uses that we have seen, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Have fun incorporating Puppet Pals into your own learning adventures.

We have tried very hard to create a Magical Movie Making experience.

In creating a short film, learners must engage in numerous important skills and exercise creative problem solving abilities.

We encourage filmmakers young and old to embrace the challenge of storytelling. 

We can’t wait to see what wonderful things you create!

Lesson Ideas


• Create short instructional videos (in any learning area)

• Storytelling, Book Reports, Historic Retellings

• Help reluctant public speakers present to the class

• Help foreign language or ESL students practice their fluency & language skills

• Brainstorming or storyboarding ideas and presentations

•Create natural sounding dialogues to be incorporated into written works.

Creating a story of your own demonstrates mastery over the topic of interest. Recreating dialogue, scene, plotlines, etc... help show a full knowledge of the subject matter.

Creating a story of your own demonstrates mastery over the topic of interest. Recreating dialogue, scene, plotlines, etc... help show a full knowledge of the subject matter.


Before beginning a lesson incorporating Puppet Pals2, familiarize yourself with the app. Use the tutorial found on the main screen.

Some instructors have found using an external microphone can improve the recorded sound quality. If using the device’s built in mic, make sure to not cover the mic on your device and have presenters speak up.

Plan out your presentations. Almost all films start with extensive storyboarding. Have learners plan their shots and dialogue ahead of time. Teach them basic story arc principles (intro, development, climax, resolution)

We provide lots of characters to choose from but don’t limit yourself, remember you can create characters from any photo. More on that later.

It’s probably a good idea to meet with the kids or groups to help solidify their story ideas and plans.

Set some limitations. The possibilities are endless when using Puppet Pals 2. In an educational setting, where time is limited, learners may benefit from some constraints to help them focus and solve a specific problem.

Have Fun! This is the easy part. Personalize your stories with your own heads, you’re sure to hear lots of laughter while they learn.




Some filmmakers want to take their movies back to the editing room. We wanted to create the best animation experience possible and that is where we put our efforts. When it comes to editing clips, we defer to more capable video editor apps to get this job done. 

 We suggest that you export individual clips as needed, then take them into iMovie and do your cutting and rearranging in there to create your masterpiece.

If you need a specific character, go ahead and make them!


Remember, Abe Lincoln’s suit can just as easily be Billy Crystal’s tux on Oscar Night. Just go to the internet and grab a photograph. In safari find a desired image, tap and hold for a second, then select save image. This will transfer the photo to your device’s camera roll. Now go to Puppet Pals and add any image from your camera roll. Taaa-dah!

You can also add transparent .PNG files that are already cut out. This is especially useful if you know Photoshop or can find an already “cut out” image online. Just add the .png to the devices camera roll and then in puppet pals select that image from the camera roll. It just works!

Save & Share

Be sure to share your movies with everyone. It’s fun to see what others are doing, and inspires creativity and fun while learning.

After recording a movie, be sure and save it. If you hit record again without saving, you will record over the previous show.