Introducing our new interactive story books!

Here is where you can check in on our growing collection of amazing stories. Fun stories with interactive elements, mini games, and activities all included. You can even customize each story with your own photos!

Put yourself in the story

Our custom character creator allows you to take many different photos for all your emotions. We then automatically animate these emotions inside of the story for amazing funny interactions!

*Saving photo profiles works best with iCloud

*Saving photo profiles works best with iCloud

first book is Available Now!

We are excited to introduce our first book "Commander Amazing"

You can become the HERO and save the day in this fun filled interactive story. Customize with your own photos. We use up to 10 emotional photo faces to animate your every mood in the story. Hilarious fun for kids and adults. There are two customizable characters in this story, so an adult can become the mayor character while the child becomes the HERO! Or you can switch it however you like.  Includes a fantastic mini game as well! Download and get started!

Written and Illustrated by Lance Harris. Programming by Heber Sheffield.

Music Credits: "Achilles", "All This", "Danse Macabre - Low Strings Finale", "Failing Defense", "Happy Boy Theme", "Hero Theme", "Mistake the Getaway", "Take a Chance"
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: My face profiles don't seem to be saving or are crashing.

A: We use Apple's secure iCloud services to save your photo head library for your head profiles. This means that you will have access to these head profiles across your devices that share the same apple id. However, if you are having trouble with your iCloud account, please resolve those issues with Apple and your head profiles should then save properly.

Q: I can't take images of my own face.

A: Make sure that you have allowed permissions for photo access for the Commander Amazing app. To do this, go to you device's home screen. Now find the settings app (grey gears icon). In the settings app scroll all the way down the list until you find "Commander Amazing". Tap. Make sure to turn on permission for photo access.

Q: Does giving this app photo access let the developers see my photos?

A: No. It simply allows you to take photos from inside the app. It also allows you to choose from your own library of images.

Q: I accidentally disallowed camera or photo access, now I can't make custom characters.

A: Go out to your device home screen. Find the Settings (grey gears) app. Go to the Privacy section. Make sure permission is checked on for Photos and Camera. (see image below)