Here, we will try and answer common questions and issues. If you don’t find what you need here, please send us an email, found in the contact us section. Thanks.


If you are having an issue, try the following first:

Make sure you have your device software and the app up to date.

Force Quit the App

• open Puppet Pals

• close out of Puppet Pals (by pressing the physical home button on your device)

• double tap the physical home button

• A list of icons should appear at the bottom of the screen with Puppet Pals being          the icon on the left.

• Tap and hold on the Puppet Pals icon here in this bottom tray

• It will start to jiggle and a red 'delete' symbol will appear in it's upper left hand                  corner. Tap on the delete symbol.

• Puppet Pals icon will disappear from the bottom panel.

• Press the physical home button one more time to hide the bottom panel

On Export I get a "data unavailable" error

You most likely need to allow access to your photos for the app. Go to the settings app (gray gears). On the left side select privacy (hand icon). Now on the right column, select photos (sunflower). Now, flip the switch to on for puppet pals.

When I try and add my own photos I get an error

see above answer. 

Can I edit my movies?

We do not have any current plans to add editing to the app. We suggest that you export the clips from the app, then use iMovie to to your edits. You can also add music and titles in iMovie.

I already made a purchase, now it seems that I need to pay again?

Make sure that you have the same app (free or paid) first. Also make sure that you are using the same apple id. First thing to check is the more characters section. In here try using the restore purchases button. If you still think there is a problem, them please contact us.

I want a refund

We are sorry to hear that. We do not have any ability to issue refunds. You will need to contact Apple with those requests.

I restored my director's pass but my actor packs are still missing?

he Director's Pass gives you ACCESS to all current and future content available. You still must go into the more characters section and (re)download the packs that you want to install, the difference now being that they will always be free to you with the director's pass. We did it this way so that you don't have to install any packs that you might not want