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"Thanks to Lisa Johnson "the Tech Chef" for finding the great videos and Nicole Greathouse for creating such an app-tastic science core lesson.


The powers that be at Apple, have approved Puppet Pals 2 for sale in the app store! Hurray! Time to play everybody.

Puppet Pals 2 Submitted!

We submitted the 1.0 version of Puppet Pals 2 to the App store today. It should be available by Christmas. The response from the Beta testers has been phenomenal and we can't wait for everyone to get to try it out!

Added a Parent Teacher resource section

Some helpful tips and tricks for parents and educators. Also some general lesson plan ideas to use Puppet Pals in learning environments. (found here)


Welcome to our new website. Hopefully this site can help answer some common questions and show you some of the great apps from polished play!